icon PLANS Civil protection plans
Local and supra-local level analysis of territorial natural and man-induced risks and reconstruction of specific scenarios of events; inventory of sensible structures, vulnerability and potential resources evaluation; conception of an intervention model for the events management and the emergencies overcoming
Landform enhancing
Environmental recovery
Requalification of riversides banks and wetlands, environmental projects inside protected areas, remediation projects of abandoned quarries, degradated areas and exhausted landfills
Agricultural consultant
Agricultural action plans, pedological studies and surveys, irrigation consulting, planning and management of biomasses for energy production
Urban areas planning
urban areas planning at all levels
Project and planning of forestry environment
Plans for forestry, assessment and use, projects of forestry roads, forestry biomasses use
Energy plans
Regional energy plans, longer-terms potential of the territory studies, and intervention strategies definition
DESIGN Hydraulic engineering
hydrological and hydraulic analysis with numerical modelling simulation, geomorphological and hydrogeological studies, flood protection and environment restoration projects, micro power-stations planning, irrigation networks management plans; re-qualification and new realization of hydro-electric plans
Naturalistic engineering
Recovery environment plans of uneven slops and edges of river protection with naturalistic engineering techniques.
Managing engineering
and management of local development programs supported by EU finance programs (projects LEADER, INTERREG, LIFE, area integrated projects, special integrated projects,, local developmental integrated projects, territorial integrated projects,), feasibility studies of civil works
Structural engineering of civil and building works
computation and design of simple-complex structures (metal, concrete, wood or other materials).
Project of structures for public use
projects of cycle lanes and pedestrian paths, watercourse crossing (bridges, foot-bridges, berthing areas) open-spaces for public use such as squares, thematic and multifunctional pedestrian paths, service areas.
Design and project of museum and didactical spaces
Projects of museum spaces, architectural and structural re-qualification, preparation and realization of exhibition areas.
Restoration and reconstruction of public buildings
Architectural ensembles with historical and landscape-based values too
Projects in sustainable architecture, bio-construction and green building
ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY Environmental impact assessment
evaluation of environmental impacts of large-scale constructions for different environmental factors; evaluation of environmental impacts of production activities and services sector (agriculture, handicraft, tourism)
Strategic Environmental Assessment
assessment of great projects or social-economic territorial structures
Environmental effects assessment S.I.C. e Z.P.S
Environment monitoring plans
design and installation of monitoring networks of environmental components in the pre-construction, construction and exercise phases. In big work, for every important factor
Remote-sensing and interpretation
specific software/ hardware for Remote-sensing, land-planning and monitoring of earth with satellite images
Evaluation of trees stability
studies and evaluation of trees stability along roads and in urban parks/green areas with visual tree assessment (v.t.a.) method, using invasive and not- invasive analysis instruments for determination of wood’s degree of alteration
Planning of purification plants of domestic and agricultural wastewater for reduction of pollutants (organic matter, Nitrogen loads and pathogens)